A Brief Guide to ForTube Governance Mining

ForTube has launched a Governance Mining campaign to incentivize user participation in platform governance!

Users participating in the ForTube (Ethereum Version) liquidity mining campaign can lock FOR tokens in the ForTube staking contract and obtain the governance token $GFOR, which will be combined with FOR in the user’s weighted net assets. (1GFOR is equivalent to 1USD). The user’s weighted net assets determine what percent of the rewards pool they are entitled to.


If a user’s weighted net assets for participating in the liquidity mining campaign is $100K with 100K $GFOR, then the final weighted net assets of the user for reward distribution will be $200K.


  1. Only users depositing on ForTube’s Ethereum Version can participate in governance mining.
  2. There is no limit to how many tokens a user can deposit.
  3. The GFOR locked by the user will be included in the weighted net assets of the user as well as that of the entire system.
  4. The wallet address for participating in the deposit and governance mining must be the same address.

User Guide:

1. Download the Google Chrome browser and install MetaMask wallet (please visit this link for a detailed installation tutorial)

Note: Be sure to ensure a secure network environment and keep the MetaMask mnemonic phrase and password. Losing the mnemonic phrase will result in the loss of your assets.

2. Visit https://for.tube via the Google Chrome browser and select Farming.

3. Click Open to enter the Governance page and connect your wallet to the page.

4. On the Stake page, enter the amount of FOR to be locked and select the lock duration. (The longer the lock-up time, the greater the governance weight.) Then click Stake Now to obtain the governance token GFOR.

5. Users can view the details about staking from Staking Records.

6. Go back to BANK V2 ETH. Users can view Weighted net asset on My BANK.

ForTube official website: https://for.tube/

Governance Forum: https://forum.for.tube/

Supported wallets: imToken,MYKEY,Bitpie,DappBirds,TokenPocket,BitKeep,Math Wallet,HyperPay,AToken,MEET.ONE,Coinbase wallet,Trust wallet.

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