Announcing: The 100 Million FOR Risk Reserve

Oct 30, 2020


The safety of users’ assets has always been a major priority for ForTube. To show our commitment to security, ForTube has locked 100 million FOR as a platform risk reserve. This is a special fund to ensure the safety of users’ assets. ForTube will initiate the risk reserve compensation mechanism when users suffer asset losses due to platform reasons.

ForTube has already taken rigorous testing, both by internal developers and top third-party auditors, to ensure that this reserve will never be called into action. However, we believe this additional measure will go a long way to increase user confidence and reaffirm our stance.

Note: Losses due to users’ personal reasons are not in the scope of compensation.

The account address of the ForTube platform operational risk reserve is 0x5eedc7317fb06e5d3c50d3da90035437563958c1.

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