Announcing the ForTube FORtune Loyalty Campaign

ForTube will be launching its “Fortune Loyalty Campaign” for new and existing ForTubers. The campaign will be carried out in 3 different segments to reward ForTubers.

Campaign Part #1a FORTune Users (Deposit / Lending)

During this event, new and existing users who deposit or borrow coins/tokens using the ForTube platform will be rewarded with FOR according to their deposit or borrow. Members are required to hold their deposit on the platform for at least 14 days in which they will also receive yields from their deposit excluding their reward from the loyalty campaign. Members will be rewarded according to their deposit and lend size.

Deposit / Lend

  • $1–49 = 200 FOR each (First 60 participants)
  • $50–99 = 300 FOR (First 50 participants)
  • $100–499 = 500 FOR (First 50 participants)
  • $500–1000 = 1000 FOR (First 20 participants)

Campaign Part #1b

Provide constructive advice for ForTube products selected by our team in the Google form to gain an extra 200 FOR.

Duration: November 6 — November 30

#2 ForTube Knowledge

ForTube knowledge quiz, score users according to their activeness in the group using quiz functions. Top 10 most active users can get weekly rewards.

1st place: 200 FOR

2nd place:150 FOR

3rd place: 120 FOR

4th place: 80 FOR

5th place: 50 FOR

6th place: 50 FOR

7th place: 50 FOR

8th place: 30 FOR

9th place: 30 FOR

10th place: 10 FOR

Users can also get FOR weekly rewards by simply participating in group discussions and quizzes.

#3 Random Reward

Randomly distributed FOR tokens in the telegram group for high-quality community engagement and interactions.





ForTube is the world’s top DeFi lending platform launched by The Force Protocol.

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ForTube is the world’s top DeFi lending platform launched by The Force Protocol.

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