Congratulate to TheForceProtocol won the first Chinese cryptocurrency’s League of Legends championship

4 min readNov 22, 2018

On November 4, The Force Protocol defeated the opponent by 3:1 to win the championship in the First Chinese cryptocurrency’s League of Legends hosted by BKEX.

So far, the Chinese cryptocurrency’s League of Legends has finished up with a perfect ending. Many thanks for BKEX’s full support and financial media’s wide publicity.

On November 3 before the Force Protocol took the crown, luck seemed to be on LPL’s side in Korea’s Inchon. Finally, we won the championship, which belonged to IG, China and even every fan of LPL.

After eight years, hard work pays off. LPL’s team took the crown in all world matches this year. In such a sleepless night, we enjoyed our carnival, which belonged to E-sports world. Today is the age of E-sports.

The next day, The Force Protocol competed against Crayfish in the finals for championship, and both of them have shown their real strength.

In the first round, The Force Protocol had a big lead against Crayfish, whereas in the second round, we were defeated by the opponent’s mid solo due to our inflated self-regard and wrong selections for mid lane. At that time, we had an equal start with score being 1:1.

In the third and fourth rounds, we drew out lessons from wrong selections in the second round. We used the Legend we were expert at controlling and avoided developing the battle array which the opponent wanted just as we did in the first round. As the game began, we proceeded steadily and expanded laning advantages. Finally, we won the title by defeating Crayfish, with score being 3:1.

In this Chinese cryptocurrency’s League of Legends, the competition against FGC in the quarter-finals was most impressive. Being informed that FGC was the opponent after random draw, The Force Protocol felt there would be little chance to win the game, because they were good friends of their team leader as well as champions of National League of Legends and World League of Legends. In 2013, we were defeated by them to win the second place, with score being 0:3. Unexpectedly, we became opponents again five years later in the Chinese cryptocurrency’s competition.

As the game began, our team fighting advantages have contributed to better economic advantages in the early stage of the first round. In the middle stage, however, the opponent became mighty and we overestimated our economic advantages. In many team fights, we were wiped out by the opponent, which finally captured a city first.

Due to the best-of-three competition system, we felt so nervous that our palms were sweaty on their match point in the first round. It seemed that we were going to miss out on championship again just like that in 2013.

After long-time discussion, we have re-checked every detail leading to failures in the first round as well as analyzed the wrong decisions. Thanks to our efforts, we won the game in the second and third rounds.

We really thank FGC. We have grown a lot and discovered our defects due to the hard fight with them. Besides, we became stronger in this game, which has laid a solid foundation for later success.

Maybe IG winning global championship on the previous day has brought better luck to the Force Protocol, so we took the crown in the First Chinese cryptocurrency’s LOL.

Some people criticized that E-sports might sap the will. I don’t think so, however. What saps the will is decided by people themselves instead of other things. We are supposed to reflect on our actions rather than blame the game.

Just like the hot event that the transactions of blockchain project CDC (consumption chain) were suspended by Huobi, the founder Yang Ning criticized that Biquan was full of deceivers and gamblers. According to the news of media and Yang Ning’s recent reactions, CDC could not avoid being questioned about fraud. As a matter of fact, fraud has nothing to do with Biquan but has something do to with personal integrity and moral limits.

The blockchain is expected to create a fair and transparent system, which, however, has turned into fraudulent instrument of deceivers and the unscrupulous. We shall resist against such bad practices, and attract more idealists to build a transparent and open environment with technologies.

Thanks very much for your attention to The Force Protocol and your support will always propel us forward. Welcome to our Decentralized Digital Lending Project — Force Protocol. We will deliver encrypted digital asset lending services that are efficient, safe and reliable for you to build a healthy community.




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