FDAO Governance Function Tutorial

4 min readApr 3, 2022

On December 28th, 2021, ForTube introduced a new governance structure, FDAO, to balance ForTube’s revenue distribution, risk-taking, and governance decisions.

Note: All the screenshots are from the beta version. The data shown below is only for reference, not the real data on the official website.

1. FDAO main function page

Log in to the ForTube official website (https://for.tube), connect to the wallet, select the ETH version, and click [DAO] in the left navigation bar to enter the governance page.

[Voting addresses] refers to the number of FDAO holders. [Total proposals] refers to the total number of proposals.
Please check out the following blog for the guidance on FDAO exchange:

Leaderboard module:

Click on [leaderboard] to view the top 50 FDAO holding addresses by voting weight.

Click any address to view the proxy voting power (if any) owned by the address, the total number of votes, the proxy ID, and historical voting details.

2: How to obtain & delegate FDAO votes

There are two methods for users to convert their FDAO tokens into votes.:
A: Get your own votes and exercise your voting rights
B: Delegate your votes to others, and others will exercise the right to vote

On the [leaderboard] page, click [Delegate voting] on the right, and the [Enter an address] dialog box will pop up.
A: Enters your own ETH address and click [Delegate] to get the votes.
B: Enter a specified (others) ETH address, and click [Delegate] to delegate the number of votes to the address.


Users can also enter the details page of the specified address on the [leaderboard] page, and directly delegate the voting rights to the address.

3. How to initiate a proposal

View proposal module
Click [View proposals] on the main page of DAO to access the proposal creation entry.

Users can view all historical proposals, and can also filter proposals according to their needs.

Click [Your voting power] to view the number of votes you obtained.

Click [Create proposal] to initiate a new proposal, (Only users with more than 76,000 FDAO tokens have the privilege to create proposals)

Fill in the voting details as required on the Create Voting page. Users can click [Add option] to expand the content in the [Edit option] and [Execution] modules.

Click [Confirm creating] to publish the proposal.

4. How to vote

Click on the proposal title to enter the proposal details page.

Select an active proposal to see the details of the proposal. Users can vote by clicking [Votes]. Proposals in the Finished state can only be viewed, and users can track their subsequent implementation.

Click [View by address] to view the voting details.

Click on the proposal record provided in the Proposal history module to jump to Etherscan to track its on-chain creation/execution.

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