FDAO: Key Step Towards Decentralization

  1. Slope increases: 60% of the ForTube platform’s liquidity pool profits will be used to buy back $FOR every month, directly serving as reserve assets to the FDAO structure without generating any new $FDAO tokens. Assuming that the current number of $FDAO tokens is Xt and the number of deposited $FOR is M, the new slope becomes:
  • Users buy a certain number of $FDAO tokens according to their own risk preferences.
  • The smart contract collects platform revenues to buyback $FOR tokens and puts them into the FDAO pool.
  • $FDAO token holders have certain key decision-making privileges. They can vote through proposals and exercise governance rights including changes, improvements, and decision-making to the core elements of the system, including risk control factors, underlying assets, and interest rate models.
  • Users can exchange $FDAO to $FOR at any time.



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ForTube is the world’s top DeFi lending platform launched by The Force Protocol.