Flashloan Reviewed and lesson learned

1 min readMay 6, 2023


ForTube just encountered a combined attack and the issue has been fixed by team.

All the user’s assets will not be affected, and all functions are already returned to normal.

More details are as below.

Root cause is about the precision. The rounding down of the number to be added to a specific internal value in every manipulated deposit. And the problem has been fixed permanently.

Total loss is approx. 80K BUSD, and will be covered by ForTube Reserve. As mentioned before, all the user’s assets will not be affected.

The flashloan event is a great lesson for FroTube, that security is not static, but a dynamic process of development and defense.
ForTube practiced its own DeFi Security Philosophy when facing the attack.
1.Protect the platform from attack and invasion
2.Protect the assets once the platform is invaded
3.Minimize the loss when the assets are no longer secure
The DeFi financial security system is a comprehensive multi-layersystem. Decentralization is the core and the foundation, but it is not the only and everything.

Afterwards, ForTube will learn from the lessons and better ensure the security of the platform and assets.




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