ForTube Partners with ACryptoS for 3-token LP Farm

3 min readOct 17, 2021

We’re excited to announce a partnership with ACryptoS, setting up a ForTube pool for $ACSI yield farming rewards! ACryptoS has been a #1 SAFU Yield Optimizer in BSC for almost 1 year, and they have launched an AMM swap, Acsi.Finance, supporting pools up to 8 tokens.

FOR-BUSD-BNB Investment Fund

ACryptoS has set up a FOR-BUSD-BNB LP on Acsi.Finance. The pool’s token distribution is split evenly (33.33% — 33.33% — 33.33%). By investing in this pool, you can earn transaction fees for trades happening between any of these 3 tokens,

Once you’re invested in FOR-BUSD-BNB LP, you can stake your LP tokens in to enjoy $40,000 worth of rewards in ACSI!

Tip: You can get an APR Boost of up to 2.5x by staking ACSI in their governance vault.

Quick Guide — Dual Token Farming

Taking part in this new LP is a simple process:

Make sure your wallet has FOR (33%), BUSD (33%) and BNB (33%) in the correct proportions (or close to it)

*Staking with just one token is possible as well, read on for more details.

  1. Go to app.Acsi.Finance
  2. Single currency/multi-currency deposits on Acsi Finance
  • Click FOR-BUSD-BNB
  • Select the currency and amount to be deposited, or click “MAX” to deposit all

You can stake a single currency, and the protocol will automatically convert the currency into the other currencies in the FOR-BUSD-BNB LP.

Hint: make smaller deposits at one time if the price impact is too high.

  • “Approve” the transaction (the number of approvals depends on the types of currency staked)
  • After clicking “Invest”, approve the transaction in your wallet to complete the deposit and get the LP tokens.

If you want to unpair the LP, click “Withdraw” to choose the withdrawal method. Click “Best price” to receive 3 types of equivalent currencies;

Click “Single token” to choose one of the 3 single currencies to withdraw.

3. Stake LP on

  • Look for the Acsi.Finance FOR-BUSD-BNB farm, click “Stake”
  • Click “Max” and confirm

You will start earning $ACSI 🔥

Quick Guide — Swapping $FOR on Acsi.Finance

Once there is sufficient liquidity in the new LP, you will be able to swap FOR on Acsi.Finance by navigating to the Trade interface. You will be able to swap any cryptocurrency listed on Acsi.Finance for FOR tokens with the best swap fees and maximum returns.

  1. Click “Trade” on app.Acsi.Finance
  2. Choose the currency and quantity you want to exchange
  3. Click “Preview trade” — “Confirm trade”

About ACryptoS

ACryptoS is a yield farming optimizer designed for the longer-term investor who values sustainable tokenomics, safety and careful risk management. ACryptoS offers 3 products on Binance Smart Chain:

- yield optimizer: ACS Vaults

- next-gen AMM: ACSI Finance

- stablecoin DEX: ACSI StableSwap

Tokenomics and fees are designed for sustainability and longer-term staking, rewarding long-term holders of our ACS and ACSI native tokens.

About Acsi.Finance

Acsi.Finance is a next-gen AMM/DEX built on the new Balancer V2 protocol, the first in Binance Smart Chain, bringing powerful innovations to the AMM/DEX space such as

- bringing down gas fees significantly

- liquidity pools up to 8 tokens with varying weights

- capital re-investment through the use of Asset Managers

Acsi.Finance pools also share a stake in the ACryptoS Protocol with farms earning ACSI tokens on

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