ForTube Partners with ACryptoS for 3-token LP Farm

  1. Go to app.Acsi.Finance
  2. Single currency/multi-currency deposits on Acsi Finance
  • Click FOR-BUSD-BNB
  • Select the currency and amount to be deposited, or click “MAX” to deposit all
  • “Approve” the transaction (the number of approvals depends on the types of currency staked)
  • After clicking “Invest”, approve the transaction in your wallet to complete the deposit and get the LP tokens.
  • Look for the Acsi.Finance FOR-BUSD-BNB farm, click “Stake”
  • Click “Max” and confirm
  1. Click “Trade” on app.Acsi.Finance
  2. Choose the currency and quantity you want to exchange
  3. Click “Preview trade” — “Confirm trade”



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