ForTube Q3 Summary and Q4 Plan

1 min readSep 6, 2022

Product iteration:

  • Version4: The testing and launch preparations including the corresponding long-term liquidity incentive plan have been completed. There is no comprehensive official announcement for the time being due to requirements of the partner’s security audit and operation rhythm. It is expected to be launched soon after the official announcement.
  • Version5: The design solutions in three directions have been completed, including NFT collateral, private lending, and cross-chain liquidity.

Risk control and upgrade

  • The backend code has been re-upgraded and the interface function has been optimized.
  • An internal audit system and an emergency response team have been established.


  • The structure and code of FDAO have been improved.
  • The threshold for users to participate in governance has been lowered.
  • The multi-signature mechanism has been improved and the team has begun to concede the power of multi-signature to the community.

Compliance Self-Check

A thorough compliance self-inspection of the project has been conducted including market, operations, technology, and team.

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