Aug 17, 2021

2 min read

ForTube Reached Partnership with DinoSwap to Jointly Promote Ecosystem Development of Polygon

We are thrilled to announce that ForTube and the cross-chain liquidity protocol DinoSwap have reached cooperation! The two parties will collaborate in the fields of liquidity, aggregated income, pledge lending, and other fields to jointly promote the ecosystem development of Polygon.

ForTube and DinoSwap will jointly launch a 90-day liquidity mining campaign on August 17th (UTC). Users can add liquidity into the FOR-USDC trading pair through the QuickSwap platform, and pledge the obtained LP Token to the DinoSwap platform to get $DINO as a reward. At the same time, users who deposit $DINO tokens into the corresponding single currency pool can get $FOR tokens as a reward.

DinoSwap is a cross-chain liquidity protocol in the Polygon ecosystem. It has passed CertiK’s third security audit and will be extended to other ecosystems in the future. As a digital asset bank, ForTube currently supports four main chains of ETH, BSC, OEC, and Polygon. Currently, ForTube is about to launch a new upgraded version of V3.5, optimized in terms of algorithm flow, user experience, and UI design, and will continue to provide users with more ways, higher returns, and more flexible value capture opportunities.

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