ForTube Yield Farming is Launching 【Uniswap】Mining Pool

1 min readAug 19, 2020


The Force Protocol ForTube yield farming is adding the Uniswap mining pool. The mining pool will start at 12 PM on August 19, 2020 (UTC+8), and end at 12 PM on September 18, lasting 30 days.

The participation method is “LP mining” which means users need to “Add Liquidity” into the FOR/ETH trading pair through the Uniswap automatic market-making protocol to obtain Uniswap’s liquidity pool token UNI-V2. And then Lock the UNI-V2 on the ForTube platform to get the Force Protocol ecological token FOR as a reward.

The rewards for Uniswap mining pool are approximately 33,333 FOR every day, 1,000,000 FOR in total, which will be distributed according to the proportion of UNI-V2 locked by the farmers.

ForTube team may adjust the mining method and mining difficulty according to the actual situation. Please stay tuned for step-by-step tutorials.

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