ForTube Yield Farming Round #2 “Lin” Officially Launched

ForTube Yield Farming round #2 runs from Ethereum block #10637268 to #10683268, starting at approximately 3:00 P.M. August 11th, 2020 (UTC+8:00).

The first session of Yield Farming is divided into four rounds: Feng, Lin, Huo, and Shan. Each round lasts for 7 days, 28 days in total. The first round “Feng” has ended at Ethereum block height 10637168. The total value locked on the ForTube platform has exceeded 16,000,000 USD, the total borrowings has exceeded 5,000,000 USD, and the cumulative mining rewards reached 4,500,000 FOR.

The second round “Lin” is “Borrow to Farm”. Users only need to borrow the tokens supported by the platform to receive FOR as yields. Users may borrow and repay at any time and the mining income is dynamically calculated.

We are rewarding 60 FOR for each block in Round #2, with a total of 2,760,000 FOR. 40 FOR and 20 FOR each block for borrowing USDT and BUSD respectively. We will adjust the farming difficulty before the next round begins.

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