ForTube Yield Farming Round #4 “Shan” Launch Announcement

The fourth round of the yield farming campaign, named “Shan”, has started at around 5:30 PM on August 25th (UTC+8) and will end at around 5:30 PM on September 1st (UTC+8). The starting block is 10728869 and the ending block is 10774868. After the first three rounds, many users are already familiar with our ForTube platform. The fourth round will encourage users to deposit with even more tokens supported by the campaign.

Supported tokens in this round will be HBTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, BUSD. The reward for each block is 50 FOR, and the total rewards are expected to be 2.275 million FOR. Among them, 25 FOR is allocated to the HBTC mining pool, 5 FOR to the ETH mining pool, 10 FOR to the USDT mining pool, 5 FOR to the USDC mining pool, and the last 5 FOR to the BUSD mining pool.

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