Announcement: ForTube 2.0 to be Launched in Early September as Top Defi Lending Platform Expands Features and Improves User Experience

It’s been an exciting summer for ForTube as the platform has hit a series of important milestones. Here’s a brief recap of some main highlights:

  • In June 2020, The Force Protocol launched ForTube 1.0, a leading DeFi lending platform to provide crypto-asset investment tools, financing, and transaction services.
  • Since ForTube launched its first round of yield farming campaign on August 4, the platform needed less than a month to accumulate deposits of up to 30 million USDT with borrowings of up to 10 million USDT.
  • ForTube is listed on authoritative DeFi analysis ranking websites DeFi Pulse and DeBank, ranking at the forefront among global lending products.
  • ForTube’s governance token FOR has been added to Huobi Global’s inaugural DeFi Zone. Among all the projects that launched yield farming campaigns, ForTube is one of the very few projects whose token price has continuously risen throughout the mining campaign and its market capitalization doubled within one month.

All of these achievements are a source of pride as we seek to build trust and support from the global ForTube community. The ForTube team will continue to collect feedback from community users and optimize the product structure as well as underlying logic and user experience.

Meet ForTube 2.0

Now, we are excited to announce that the newly upgraded ForTube 2.0 will be officially launched in early September. The core function upgrades are as follows:

1. Flexible support of global popular cryptocurrencies, providing higher yield combinations

ForTube 2.0 will support mainstream and popular cryptocurrencies including FOR, YFII, YFI, LINK, LRC, NEST, LEND, SNX, BNT, KNC, COMP, MKR, ENJ, MANA, SAND, etc. The community can initiate votes to determine the types of cryptocurrencies to be supported, giving the community the power to identify high-yield assets in an efficient manner.

2. Upgrades on algorithm and ledger structure, significantly reducing gas cost

ForTube 2.0 streamlines the four-step operation of “deposit, redeem, borrow, and return “ into a two-step operation of only “deposit and redeem”. Compared to other platforms such as AAVE and Compound, ForTube’s actual GAS consumption will be reduced by half. The platform also adds an account health index to display the liquidation risk and assist users in making decisions on deposits and borrowing.

3. Technical framework upgrade with more secure contract

ForTube 2.0 adopts an original off-chain audit system, which can perform 7x24 uninterrupted audits of contract assets to protect the security of users’ assets in all aspects. At the same time, ForTube utilizes industry-leading safe and upgradeable system architecture to allow security upgrades for various system modules under the decentralized governance management system. This will ensure the user experience and security is maintained and optimized as future iterations are released.

In addition to the above functions, ForTube 2.0 optimizes the user interface, email reminders, as well as adding on-chain historical transaction records. The core development team always emphasizes great importance on security and uses respected international auditing companies SlowMist, Certik, and Peckshield for professional code auditing services.

As an important part of ForTube’s ecological landscape, the launch of ForTube 2.0 will have a major impact on the DeFi industry.

  • ForTube 2.0 will adopt a brand new mining mode including [net asset mining] designed to maximize the expected profits of users.
  • ForTube 2.0 will launch a vote-based listing of high-quality assets, as well as the [Staking] function of FOR, which will better promote the application scenarios and value empowerment of the FOR token. Compared to the market value of other leading lending platforms, ForTube has a large room for further growth.

Finally, the launch of the stablecoin QIAN is not far off. The newly designed stablecoin will effectively connect various value islands, providing a more stable and effective valuation token for the cryptocurrency community.

ForTube 2.0 is nearly here. Be sure to join our [Telegram] and follow us on [Twitter] to receive the latest news and updates!

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ForTube is the world’s top DeFi lending platform launched by The Force Protocol.