How to Use 4Belt LP Token on ForTube?

Why use ForTube Mining Function?

Through ForTube Mining, users will get all the upside of their LP Tokens, as well as the collateral asset position vLP of the ForTube Innovation Zone corresponding to the value of the LP Tokens.

In the ForTube Innovation Zone, vLP, users can lend target assets and invest them in other projects to earn profits based on existing assets.

Fees: A 0.01% fee will be charged for withdrawals

Note: The value of LP Tokens may change with the fluctuation of the token price. Users who borrow and lend collateral assets still face liquidation risk.

How to use 4Belt LP token to obtain Revenue and Borrowing Quota in ForTube?

1. Obtain the 4Belt LP Token from

2. Stake 4Belt LP Token into ForTube’s Farming sector to obtain vLP certificates and gain profits.

3. If users need to borrow money, just deposit the vLP certificates in ForTube market and use them as collateral to borrow other assets.

Note: It is recommended to use Google Chrome and install the MetaMask wallet,and make sure to switch to the BSC Network.

Step I:How to get 4Belt LP Token?

  1. Click to know more about 4Belt LP Token:

2. Visit, click left【Pools】to select 4Belt sector of BSC.

3. Input the number of DAI, UCDC, UCDT or BUSD assets to be deposited in [BALANCE] respectively.

Note: Authorization is required for the first operation. Click [APPROVE].

4. After authorization, click 【ADD LIQUIDITY】 to combine the assets into 4Belt LP Tokens.

5. Check the balance via【Dashboard】 — 【My Portfolio】once finished.

Step II、How to deposit 4Belt into ForTube【Aggregate Farming】sector?

1. Visit,and click【Earn】 — 【Aggregate farming】

2. Select【Belt】and then【4Belt】

3. Note: Authorization is required for the first operation. Click [APPROVE].

4. After authorization just enter the number of 4Belt LP and click【Deposit LP】

Step III: How to borrow assets from ForTube after staking the 4Belt LP?

1. Click【Deposit into Innovation Market】at【My Voucher】

2. Select【Deposit】to stake the【v4belt】tokens.

3. Confirm the Deposit Amount, Deposit Value, Health Index and other information, and click 【Confirm Deposit】

4. Select【Borrow】and then 【Variable rate】on the left.

5. Search for USDT to borrow.

6. Click【Borrow】to continue.

7.Enter the amount you want to borrow and click【Borrow now】

8. Confirm the Borrow Amount, Borrow Value and other information, and click【Confirm Borrowing】

9. Check your debt via【Dashboard】then【Borrowing account】.

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