How to Use Ellipsis LP Token on ForTube

Why use ForTube Mining Pool?

Through ForTube Mining, users will get all the upside of their LP Tokens, as well as the pledged asset position vLP of the ForTube Innovation Zone corresponding to the value of the LP Tokens.

In the ForTube Innovation Zone, vLP, users can lend target assets and invest them in other projects to earn profits based on existing assets.

Fees: A 0.1% fee will be charged for withdrawals

Note: The value of LP Tokens may change with the fluctuation of the token price. Users who borrow and lend pledged assets still face liquidation risk.

If you already have 3EPS LP tokens on the Ellipsis platform, find your tokens in the Stake LP section, and click Withdraw to unlock.

  • 2. Deposit LP tokens (3EPS) into the ForTube pool to earn more LP tokens. After depositing, you will get vLP (v3EPS) for the pool.

Note: Depositing LP tokens for the first time requires deposit authentication.

  • 3. After depositing, you will get the vLP (v3EPS) pool certificate. Deposit it in the Innovation Zone, and you will get the corresponding loan amount.
  • 4. In your interface, check the value of the deposited vLP token asset.

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