One More Round Yield Farming Campaign to Welcome ForTube 2.0 Launch

2 min readSep 2, 2020


ForTube ecological governance token $FOR has been listed on the following exchanges:

Since ForTube launched its first round of yield farming campaign on August 4, the results have been impressive. ForTube platform has accumulated deposits of up to 30 million USDT with borrowings of up to 10 million USDT in a month.

As the ecological governance token of ForTube, its market capitalization doubled within one month.

In order to express our sincere appreciation for users’ trust and support for ForTube and to welcome the launch of ForTube 2.0, we added one more round yield farming campaign.

This round encourages users to deposit with even more tokens supported by the campaign. The starting block is 10774869 and the ending block is 10818268.

Supported tokens in this round are HBTC、ETH、USDT、USDC、BUSD.

The reward for each block is 34 FOR, and the total rewards are expected to be 1.47 million FOR.

Among them, 20 FOR is allocated to the HBTC mining pool, 3 FOR to the ETH mining pool, 5 FOR to the USDT mining pool, 3 FOR to the USDC mining pool, and the last 3 FOR to the BUSD mining pool.

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ForTube is the world’s top DeFi lending platform launched by The Force Protocol.