The Force Protocol Bi Weekly Report

Development Progress


  1. The loan fonction fo BiBiDai H5 version has been launched
  2. The Force Protocol and Kcash wallet are in the progress of the technical exchang considering BiBiDai H5 version
  3. Test and verification of order and commission sharing

Stable Coin

  1. The UI design of stable coin website completed
  2. The development of pledges processor, governance token manager, governance voting machine, stable currency exchange manager and other contracts completed
  3. Test of the generation and extration of the stable coin along with other front end and contract part

Whitepaper Updates

According to the latest industry trends and the research results, The Forec Procotol keeps updating the whitepaper while 50% of the progress has been completed.

Community Building


The Force Protocol airdrop launched from August 20th. Participants obtained 88 FOR instantly by forwarding posters from the developer conference to three groups with more than 200 members, or by taking photos related to the force agreement and sending them to moments and collecting 10 likes. Due to the large number of participants and active community atmosphere, the event ended successfully on August 21st.

“POW’ER 2019 Global Blockchain Developers Conference” Tickets Give Away

In order to reward the community’s long-term support, The Force Protocol gave away “POW’ ER 2019 Global Blockchain Developers Conference” guest tickets. In addition to 5 tickets worth 1,299 CNY, The Force Protocol also had some wonderful peripheral parts. As soon as the message was sent out, it attracted community partners to sign up. The lucky draw held from 20:00 on August 16 to 20:00 on August 19, 2019. The winners have benn posted on the official community, weibo and WeChat official account at 20:00 on August 19th.


The Force Protocol in 2019 ETC Global Tour: Shanghai

Gang LIU, product director of The Force Protocol, was invited to attend the 2019 ETC Global Tour: Shanghai on August 16th. Considering “Days of Past and Present, Witness Future”, Gang LIUexplored ETC’s future development trends and applications together with industry leaders such as blockchain technology developers, investment companies, digital currency exchanges and media representatives.

The Force Protocol team with Mr. Yongge WANG, professor of cryptography at the University of North Carolina

Allen An, co-founder of The Force Protocol, David LEI, co-founder and CEO of The Force Protocol, Hongxue YU, co-founder and CTO and Gang LIU, product director and head of FORLend met up with professor Yongge WANG of the University of North Carolina in Beijing on August 21. The meeting mainly focused on the underlying technologies such as cryptography and public chain consensus mechanism.

The Force Protocol and Mars Finance Jointly Organized“POW’ER 2019 Global Blockchain Developer Conference”

The “POW’ER 2019 Global Blockchain Developers Conference” jointly organized by The Force Protocol and Mars finance was held in Beijing as scheduled from August 20th to August 21st.



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