Tutorial: FOR & DINO Liquidity Mining on DinoSwap

Users add liquidity for the FOR-USDC trading pair through QuickSwap and stake the obtained LP Token to DinoSwap to get $DINO tokens as a reward.

Stake DINO and earn FOR tokens via the Jurassic Pools.
Reminder: Liquidity mining has characteristics such as impermanent loss. Users who don’t understand DeFi should thoroughly investigate before deciding whether to participate.

A) Add liquidity to QuickSwap and get FOR-USDC LP Token

  1. Go to QuickSwap, enter the “Pool”, and click “Add Liquidity”.

2. Enter the amount of FOR and USDC you want to add and click “Supply”.

3. In the pop-up menu, you can see the number of LP Tokens and the proportion of the total pool, click “Confirm Supply” to confirm the addition.

4. After the addition is successful, you can view the specific data in the “Pool” section.

B) Stake LP Tokens to DinoSwap platform

  1. Go to the homepage of the DinoSwap, click “Fossil Farms”, and find the FOR-USDC trading pair.

2. After clicking “Enable”, deposit the LP Token to get DINO token rewards over time.

C) FOR Jurassic Pool

  1. At the top of the DinoSwap homepage, select “Jurassic Pools”, find “FOR Pool”, click “Approve DINO”,

2. Deposit DINO tokens to can get FOR tokens as a reward over time.

Your staked DINO tokens generate FOR on a per-block basis; the longer you stake your DINO, the more FOR you will earn.

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